Promoting Healthy Relationships and Preventing Dating Violence in High School Youth

What is SPARX ?

A program that aims to promote positive intimate and romantic relationships and prevent dating violence among high school youth.

Workshops, prevention and information programs

In addition to the website, the project involves six workshops offered to secondary 3 and 4 students, a committee of youth ambassadors in participating schools, videos for caregivers and other significant adults in teenagers’ lives, and an online training to raise awareness and offer tools to school staff.

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Martine Hébert

Ph.D., Project lead of the SPARX program

Martine Hébert (Ph.D. in psychology) is a full professor at the department of Sexology at Université du Québec à Montréal. She holds the Canada Research Chair in Interpersonal Traumas and Resilience and is co-holder of the Chaire interuniversitaire Marie-Vincent. Her research projects focus on the identification of factors linked to adaptation in children and teenagers who have experienced interpersonal traumas and more specifically the variables that foster resilience trajectories. In collaboration with various partners in practice settings, she has contributed to the development and evaluation of various sexual abuse and dating violence prevention programs as well as interventions aimed at promoting optimal development of youth confronted with situations of interpersonal violence.

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