SPARX videos

As caregivers or significant adults who surround teenagers, you have the opportunity to help them develop and maintain positive romantic and intimate relationships.

The following videos were created to inform adults and support them in their interactions with teenagers regarding romantic and intimate relationships. They include advice from experienced professionals from Tel-jeunes and Ligne Parents, as well as from teenagers themselves.


Love is universal

Love can be felt by everyone, but romantic and relational experiences are unique.


The importance of talking to teens about romantic and intimate relationships

Developing and maintaining relationships is a learning experience for which teens have many questions.


Tips for talking to teens about romantic and intimate relationships

Communication between adults and teens if sometimes complex, but there are several tips the can be useful.


What is a positive romantic relationship?

Relationships that are considered positive by partners rest on universal common bases.


How can you help your teen who is experiencing problems in their relationship?

Supporting teens in their difficulties while offering them autonomy and freedom.


Dating violence

Recognizing the forms and manifestations of dating violence.
To consult a list of resources, click here.


What if I suspect that my teen is experiencing dating violence?

The attitudes and reactions to foster and those to avoid when supporting and helping teens.

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